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31 Aug 2008

The Minutes of the Lazarus Club by Tony Pollard

Have just started reading this and finding it most interesting. A surgeon in 1857's London becomes involved in a clandestine off-shoot of the Royal Society: members include Darwin, Bazalgette and Brunel. The atmosphere is murky, at times gory and very mysterious. To quote the blurb: the enigmatic machinations of a dark conspiracy set the scene for a thriller read.


13 Aug 2008

America America by Ethan Canin

Reading this at the moment. Historical novel set in the 1960s and '70s near the Great Lakes in the US. A young boy from a working-class family is 'adopted' by the scion of the local leading industrial family who are major supporters of the Democrats. In later life, the boy becomes a journalist on the local newspaper. As narrator of America America he records the rise and fall of the local Democrat Senator and his attempt to run for the presidency of the United States. Really well written, a detailed, thoroughly interesting novel.


Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup

Not Q & A part two. A longer, deeper novel of great black humour which features modern Indian stereotypes; the corrupt politician, his son the untouchables young businessman who is immune to the law, a Bollywood actress who needs to stay in front of the cameras, an innocent tribal man who confronts the sophistication of India's cities, a street kid on the way up, and a holy fool in the form of an American tourist. When the young businessman in killed whilst celebrating his (lucky and illegal) escape from a murder charge, there are six suspects for his murder. The book follows the story of each suspect. 

Very entertaining, but a more serious read than Q & A. Highly recommended.

The Rip by Robert Drewe

In this new collection of short stories, some are good - The Lap Pool, The Water Person and the Tree Person, The Life Alignment of the Coffee Grower - others seem more like sketches for short stories. Set in exotic Australian locations such as Byron Bay, the Queensland coast and the West Australian coast. Entertaining reading.


6 Aug 2008

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