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13 Nov 2011

All That I Am by Anna Funder

Hamish Hamilton

A fantastic read. Germany in the 1930s: left-wing political opponents of Hitler and the Nazis are under threat of death or deportation to the newly established concentration camps. Ernst Toller, poet, veteran of the Weimar Republic’s government, and political activist, is a wanted man. Dora Weiss, feminist and socialist, is also wanted by the authorities under the Nazis’ control. Together and separately they try to maintain a political opposition to the increasingly violent regime of Adolf Hitler. Eventually they are forced out of Germany to England, where they continue their activities against the regime in Germany, before Toller leaves for the USA. Their separate, tragic fates are recalled by Dora’s cousin Ruth, now a frail old woman living in Sydney, who was both an observer of events and of Dora’s ceaseless involvement in the political activities of the German refugees. A beautifully written novel of political and emotional commitment and betrayal in threatening times. 

BiP staff review by Chris